Swim Team Volunteer Positions

We thought it might be helpful to new families to get the lay of the land regarding volunteer positions needed to help make our meets successful and run smoothly.

3 people needed per session.= 6 total
This position involves getting the children organized and lined up in the chairs behind the blocks before the races. We will have the assistant coaches helping as well as myself. It is a good way to learn the kids names.
We ask that if you have a young swimmer that you walk them over to the coaches for the RELAYS. These races, at the beginning and end of the meet, can be confusing, staying on top of your children’s races and helping to get them to the bench helps everyone.

6 needed (one for each lane) as well as a HEAD timer for each session = 14 total
This position is super easy. You stand at the blocks and use your stopwatch to start/end each swimmers race. The opposing team will provide a timer for each block as well.

If we are at home then you will write in the 2 separate times on the given paper and then each timer will give the completed sheet to the RUNNER throughout the meet.

This is a good way NOT to miss your darling’s race!

1 volunteer needed for each session. = 2 total
This person will walk the line of TIMERS collecting the time sheets and carrying them to the computer person.

1 person needed each session = 2 total
This position sits next to the computer guru (Kevin Grant) calling out the times to him to help expedite the process of tallying scores.

3 people needed each session = 3 total
Once Kevin Grant has the numbers added the computer will print a label that we peel and stick onto the ribbon and place in the children’s folders. This can get backlogged and sometimes we are caught up, but their is a push at the end of the night to get it all done and to go home!
We have a 1st,2nd,3rd and Participant ribbons.

1 person needed each session.
Over the years we have had to allocate our amps to a computer and printer. So we are now just offering nachos. The stand will be set up by the guard shack and all money will be handled by the guards. You just have to fill bowls with chips and pour the cheese!

Plan to meet at the computer table — located next to the main entrance — before your shifts so we can place a nametag on you! Tom Mc Crary, our swim team announcer (20 plus years of his association with Glen Cove), will make an announcement when we need you.

Helpful hint from Melanie Quinn…
“…when my first born was starting to swim, a few moms got together and we hired a babysitter at one of our houses to watch the youngest siblings. We were able to help our young swimmer and we didn’t miss the races!!!”

Note: Moms caring for younger siblings that might be at risk near the water are encouraged to use the time to watch your own children. We have all been there and understand that safety comes first!